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UPK Pre-Kindergarten Information

Families with children born in 2017 can apply to pre-K by the April 7, 2021 deadline, and families with children born in 2018 can apply to 3-K by the April 30,2021 deadline.

Families can apply online at, or over the phone by calling 718-935-2009. Translation and interpretation services are available through both application pathways. Families can visit Pre-K MySchools Directory and for more information.

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There are several ways to apply for Pre-Kindergarten admissions:

Questions? Read the FAQs at, call 718-935-2009, or email

Pre-Kindergarten Admissions Info:

Pre-Kindergarten Directory: Brooklyn Pre-K Directory

Visit New York City’s Universal Pre-K website for answers to all your questions & to enroll your 4-year-old today –

You can use the School Search tool to find pre-k in your area.  Parents can apply online or in person at an Enrollment Office.  Programs are available at public schools, Community Based Organizations  (CBO’s) & at Community Based Early Childhood Centers (CBECCs).

Get a head start on Pre-K Admissions!  View directory here:

Offer Letters will be sent to families in late April. Printed directories are being delivered to schools and Family Welcome Centers.  Complete resources available here

Parents can apply online at, by phone by calling 718-935-2067 or in person at a DOE Family Welcome Center, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Interpretation services are available over the phone and in-person at the Welcome Center. Find a Welcome Center near you.

Important facts about Pre-Kindergarten:

·         It is FREE!

·         Parents of children with disabilities should apply.

·         Parents should review the Pre-K Directory of the borough in which they reside FIRST; it lists admissions priorities for each school.

·         Parents should rank schools in their order of preference; the first program listed being their first choice.

·         Directories include Pre-K programs run by the Department of Education (DOE) or a NYC Early Education Centers (NYCEEC-also known as Community Based Organizations); both types of programs can be listed on the application.

·         Programs can be half-day (morning or afternoon) or full-day.  If the child’s Pre-K program is a half-day at a NYCEEC, parents may have an option to extend to full-day program for a fee.

·         Parents should contact NYCEECs directly to inquire whether there are eligibility requirements or additional fees associated with full-day programs.

·         Applications are not processed on a first-come, first-served basis.  ALL applications are treated the same no matter when they are received as long as they are received by the March 4th deadline.

·         Parents will be given one program offer in early May.

If you have questions related to Pre-K enrollment contact the ACS Office of Education Support and Policy Planning at (212) 453-9918 or by email at:

Do you need to register your child for Pre-K? There are programs available for you!
You can check the list of schools that may have available seats for the current school year. Availability may change, so contact the school or Community-Based Early Childhood Center (CBECC) directly to check.

You can search and apply for Community-Based Early Childhood Center (CBECC) programs online. The Community-Based Early Childhood Center Directory and the Pre-K Directory handbook provides a list and information about CBECC programs. The handbook and applications are available on Department of Education’s website.

Many additional Pre-K seats at community-based organization (CBO) are being continuously added.  For more information, for the directory of available programs and to apply, call 311 or 718-935-2009 or continue reading below!  To find out how to register your child for pre-k:

All New York City pre-K programs share a common goal: to prepare children for school and life by giving them a solid foundation. Community-based organization (CBO) pre-kindergarten programs manage their own admissions.  Families must contact CBOs directly to submit an application.  Thousands more seats at CBOs will be announced in May, so subscribe for updates to be informed of new opportunities!

Materials are available online in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, French, Urdu, Bengali, French, Russian and Arabic.  Interpretation services are available in over 150 languages via the pre-k enrollment hotline (718-935-2009) and at enrollment offices.

If you have additional questions related to Pre-K enrollment contact the ACS Office of Education Support and Policy Planning at (212) 453-9918 or by email at: