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NYC Zoning Text Amendments (5)

Project: Zoning Text Amendments (5)
Managing Agency: City Planning
Location: Citywide 
Project Description: NYC City Planning has proposed several new zoning amendments to help the city recover and thrive in spite of the impacts of the Covid-19 global pandemic.
Expected Date of Completion: 2022

Click here to read a letter of response to the proposed zoning initiatives submitted June 19, 2021 by Brooklyn Community Board 14 to City Planning.

Permanent Open Restaurants Text Amendment: New York City is working to create a permanent, streamlined Open Restaurants program. As part of this program, the Department of City Planning and Department of Transportation propose a zoning text amendment to remove geographic restrictions on where sidewalk cafes can be located within NYC. Learn more about the Permanent Open Restaurants Text Amendment. More information about the Permanent Open Restaurants Text Amendment is available at

FRESH Food Stores Update: The Department of City Planning is proposing to update and expand the FRESH food stores program, which supports convenient, accessible grocery stores in underserved neighborhoods. The update would bring the FRESH program to more communities, among other changes to ensure FRESH stores are evenly distributed and financially viable. Learn more about the FRESH Food Stores Update.

Health and Fitness Text Amendment: Gyms, martial arts studios, licensed massage therapy, and many other health-related businesses require special permits from the Board of Standards and Appeals to open in most parts of New York City. The Department of City Planning is proposing new rules to ease these restrictions, cutting red tape for small businesses and providing valuable health amenities to all New York City communities. Learn more about the Health and Fitness Text Amendment.

Elevate Transit Zoning for Accessibility: Zoning for Accessibility (ZFA) seeks to make our transit system more accessible, more quickly and better coordinated with the streets and buildings around it. Through ZFA, developers would work with the MTA to set aside space where needed for station elevators. It would expand incentives for developers to build elevators and related station upgrades in new, high-density buildings. Learn more about Elevate Transit: Zoning for Accessibility. For more information, click here to view the CB14 ZFA webpage.

Citywide Hotel Text Amendment: The Citywide Hotel Special Permit aims to create a consistent approach to hotel development citywide. The proposed zoning change would require City Planning Commission approval for new and enlarged hotels and motels, tourist cabins and boatels in commercial, mixed-use and paired M1/R districts. Learn more about the Citywide Hotel Text Amendment.

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