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1620 Cortelyou Road Rezoning

Managing Agency: NYC Planning
Project Description: Zoning change (R6A/C2-4 to R7D/C2-4) & text amendment to map Mandatory Inclusionary Housing area coterminous with the project site to facilitate a mixed-use development with ground floor retail and 85 dwelling units.
Status: Application in certification process.

Update: Please attend a virtual CB14 Public Hearing for the 1600-1620 Cortelyou Road project scheduled for October 21, 2020 at 6:45 PM. View public hearing agenda at this link. View live stream of the hearing on the CB14 channel. To comment during the hearing, please request a Webex link by sending an email to

View the October 21, 2020 presentation (.pdf) for 1600-1620 Cortelyou Road: Click here to view presentation.


View the NYC Planning Project Page for 1620 Cortelyou Road at

Click link to view the 1620 Cortelyou Road Rezoning Presentation
Presented to Brooklyn Community Board 14 on February 26, 2018.

Application forms and zoning maps are linked below.

Project Brief:
Private application by 1600/20 Realty Corporation requesting a Zoning Map Amendment from an R6A/C2-4 to R7D/C2-4 district and text amendment to map a Mandatory Inclusionary Housing area coterminous with the project site. These actions would facilitate a mixed-use development with ground floor retail and 85 dwelling units in the Ditmas Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, Community District 14.

Applicant Team:
1600/20 Realty Corp. (Primary Applicant)

Application Forms:
Click links below to view forms.

Land Use Review (LR) Application (Filed 6-18-2018)
LR Item 3 – Description of Proposal
(Filed 8-29-2018)
LR Site Data Form
Supplemental Form: City & Zoning Map Changes
Zoning Comparison Table
Site Photographs

Zoning Maps:
Click links below to view maps.

Official Zoning Map
Zoning Change Map
Tax Map
Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) Map

For more information about this and other proposed zoning changes within Community District 14 and citywide, please visit the NYC Planning Zoning Application Portal (ZAP) at  The Zoning Application Portal offers the ability to search for specific land use application through a variety of filters and features. On the ZAP platform, in addition to public hearing and Community Board and Borough President Recommendations, there are direct links to City Planning tools and other data bases (i.e. ACRIS, BISweb, ZoLa). City Planning has a multitude of digital planning tools. A full catalogue of City Planning’s digital tools can be found here. For more information about City Planning and agency initiatives, visit the website at