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Join CB14’s Youth Leadership Council!

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Brooklyn Community Board 14 is inviting young people, ages 14-20, to help establish a CB14 Youth Leadership Council. Youth volunteers will participate in meetings, represent the YLC at board events and introduce youth-led initiatives within the community. YLC members will help identify issues in our community and bring ideas for solutions to the appropriate agencies and elected officials in NYC. Click the link below to fill out a questionnaire and to learn more about the YLC program.

About the CB14 YLCClick here or read the letter included below for more information.

Fill out YLC Questionnaire: Click here to express your interest in joining CB14’s YLC and to receive more information about this great opportunity!

Learn more about NYC YLC Program: Click here to visit the NYC Service website to learn more about Youth Leadership Councils in New York City.


Dear Community Members between the ages of 14-20,

Brooklyn Community Board 14 is excited to introduce the CB14 Youth Leadership Council and invite you to apply to become a member!

Community Boards are the most local level of government.  We are the liaison between all city agencies and the communities of Flatbush, Midwood and a section of Kensington in Central Brooklyn.  We work to make sure that the city is providing service to our community in a manner that is efficient and equitable.  Your voice will help identity issues affecting youth in our community and bring those issues and your ideas for solutions to the appropriate agencies and elected officials in NYC.

Community Board 14 has five standing committees:  Youth Services; Community Environment; Human Services; Public Safety; Education, Libraries and Cultural Affairs; and Transportation.  Each committee is in need of a youth voice!  Each committee meets approximately three times a year to report to the full Board at our Regular Monthly Board Meetings.  These take place from September through June and are usually the 2nd Monday of the month (in the evenings).

In addition to attending the monthly meetings, the YLC will also meet once a month (time and day to be determined by the group).  The first meetings will be held with CB14 Executive Committee members, Committee Co-Chairs and office staff to provide an introduction and overview about the work we do.  The YLC meetings will quickly transfer over to youth led, independent meetings and the group will decide which youth member will participate with each CB14 standing committee.  Each member should try to make every YLC monthly meeting, their assigned CB14 Committee meeting, and make sure that there is youth representation at each monthly meeting of the Board.

The YLC will also be deeply involved in planning CB14’s Annual Youth Conference.  This conference has been held for 13 consecutive years.  This year it will be virtual and those interested in the YLC will lead a discussion about the conference and how to move forward to maximize opportunities for young people in such a challenging environment.

Yes, you can get community service credits. Yes, this looks good on all kinds of applications. Even more importantly, you can have an impact on how this community serves youth and make sure that policies that are not designed specifically for youth are still mindful of their place in the community.

OK – we’re told to be careful not to oversell.  You will be working with an old model of community volunteers and change can be difficult and slow.  You will be working with city agencies that are not always responsive to community input.  You will work with a lot of points of view and will have to maintain patience and an open mind.  There are so many issues that would be great to tackle, but only so many hours in a day.  You will have to prioritize as a group and your priority might not be the primary focus.

You might not change the world (but you might).

On the upside, you will learn a lot and will interact with community leaders, city government officials, elected officials, business leaders, civic organizations and more. You will have a voice in district needs, budget priorities, city policy. You will be a part of the first Community Board YLC in NYC.  You will be linked into other YLCs in New York City. You will be instrumental in shaping CB14’s Annual Youth Conference. You’ll get a certificate too (no problem not overselling it by telling you about the certificate, is there?) And…..what else?  What would you like to gain from the experience?  Tell us by filling out the questionnaire.  It does not obligate you to join the YLC but we hope you’ll join the conversation as we start to get this off the ground. Then, we hope you’ll stick around!  (Did we mention the certificate?)

You are eligible if you are between the ages of 14-20; live, go to school in; participate in programs in; work in; worship in; or otherwise have a significant interest in Brooklyn Community District 14.



Jo Ann Brown


Brooklyn Community Board 14



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