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CB14 Calendar

Public Hearings (3)

DATE: Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 6:30 PM
LOCATION: CB14 District Office (810 East 16th Street)

I. SPECIAL PERMIT: An application for a Special Permit has been filed with the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA), pursuant to Zoning Resolution of the City of New York §73-622, to enlarge a single or two-family detached or semi-detached residence within the designated R2 district bounded by Avenue I, Nostrand Avenue, Kings Highway, Avenue O and Ocean Avenue in Community Board 14 in the Borough of Brooklyn.

6:30 PM – 1074 East 24th Street, between Avenue J and Avenue K, Block 7605, Lot 76, BSA# 2016-4295-BZ – Applicant’s Representative: Lyra Altman, 212-452-4284

II. SIDEWALK CAFÉ: An application has been filed with the New York City Department of City Planning (ULURP No. N 130393 ECK) and the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA No. CA 1467744), pursuant to §20-225 of the Administrative Code, to operate a pre-existing enclosed sidewalk café with seven (7) tables and fourteen (14) seats.

6:45 PM – 1111 Avenue K, between Coney Island Avenue and East 12th Street – Applicant’s Representative – Michael Kelly, 914-632-6036

III. CATON FLATS DEVELOPMENT: An Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) application No. C 170127 PPK submitted by the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services pursuant to §197-c of the New York City Charter, for the disposition of one city-owned property located at 794 Flatbush Avenue (Block 5063, Lot 58, portion of Lot 9, portion of Lot 56), pursuant to zoning. In addition to this application, the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services and the New York City Economic Development Corporation have filed a related ULURP application No. C 170128 ZMK, pursuant to §§197-c and 201 of the New York City Charter, proposing the Zoning Map Amendment from an R7A (General Residence District) and an R7A with C2-4 commercial overlay to an R8A (General Residence District) with C2-4 commercial overlay in order to facilitate a new 14-story mixed use building. The building will include 251 units of affordable housing, commercial retail floor area including a new Flatbush Caton Market, as well as community facility business incubator space. Also, a Zoning Text Amendment application No. N 170129 ZRK has been filed to create a new Map 4 for Brooklyn Community District 14 in Appendix F of the Zoning Resolution of the City of New York, to designate the Rezoning Area as a new Mandatory Inclusionary Housing area.

7:00 PM – 794 Flatbush Avenue, between Caton Avenue and Lenox Road, Block 5063, Lot 58, portion of Lot 9, portion of Lot 56 – Applicant’s Representative: Kenyada Mclean, Senior Project Manager, Government & Community Relations, NYC Economic Development Corporation, 212-312-3819

* Please note that each public hearing will commence immediately following the previously scheduled hearing if the hearing exceeds its allotted time. All materials for public hearings are available for review at the Community Board 14 office.

December General Board Meeting

Date: Monday, December 12, 2016, 7:30 PM

Location: P.S. 249 (18 Marlborough Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11226)






a) Recommendation – Special Permit – 1074 East 24th Street – BSA# 2016-4295-BZ
b) Recommendation – Sidewalk Café – 1111 Avenue K – ULURP No. N 130393 ECK; DCA No. CA 1467744
c) Recommendation – Caton Flats Development – ULURP No. C 170127 PPK; C 170128 ZMK; C 170129 ZRK;

a) Public Safety
b) Human Services
c) Community Environment
d) Youth Services
e) Education, Libraries and Cultural Affairs
f) Transportation
g) Task Force on the Revitalization of the Junction Area



Please Note: There will be no public discussion on any matter on which a public hearing was previously held.

Youth Services Committee Meeting

DATE: Monday, December 19, 2016, 7:00 PM
LOCATION: CB14 District Office, 810 East 16th Street

1. Preliminary discussion & planning for 10th Annual CB14 Youth Conference
2. Discussion and Planning of Items Concerning Youth Services in CD14
3. Other Business