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Public Hearings (7)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 6:30PM
CB14 District Office
, 810 East 16th Street

*** Please note that each public hearing will commence immediately following the previously scheduled hearing SPECIAL PERMITS: Applications for Special Permits have been filed with the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA), pursuant to Zoning Resolution of the City of New York §73-622, to enlarge single or two-family detached or semi-detached residences within the designated R-2 district bounded by Avenue I, Nostrand Avenue, Kings Highway, Avenue O and Ocean Avenue in Community Board 14 in the Borough of Brooklyn.

6:30 PM – 1171-1175 East 28th Street, between Avenue K and Avenue L, Block 7628, Lots 14, 15 & 16 (Tentative 16), BSA# 160-13-BZ – Applicant’s Representative: Lyra J. Altman, 212-867-3820

6:40 PM –  1034 East 26th Street, between Avenue J and Avenue K, Block 7607, Lot 63, BSA# 171-13-BZ – Applicant’s Representative: Lyra J. Altman, 212-867-3820

6:50 PM –  933-939 East 24th Street, between Avenue I and Avenue J, Block 7588, Lots 29 & 31 (Tentative 31), BSA# 179-13-BZ – Applicant’s Representative: Lyra J. Altman, 212-867-3820

7:00 PM – 1368 & 1374 East 23rd Street, between Avenue M and Avenue N, Block 7658, Lots 78 & 80, BSA# 157-13-BZ – Applicant’s Representative: Richard Lobel, 212-725-2727

7:10 PM – 1323 East 26th Street, between Avenue M and Avenue N, Block 7662, Lot 39, BSA# 168-13-BZ – Applicant’s Representative: Lewis E. Garfinkel, 718-951-6551

7:20 PM – 2115 Avenue J, between East 21st Street and East 22nd Street, Block 7585, Lot 3, BSA#220-13-BZ – Applicant’s Representative: Jay Goldstein, 646-535-3771

POTENTIAL COMMUNITY RESIDENCE:  In compliance with Section 41.34 of the New York State Mental Hygiene Law, Ohel Bais Ezra Community Residence Program and the New York State Office For People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) have submitted an application for a potential Community Residence to be located at 748 Ocean Parkway, 1st Floor, between Foster Avenue and Parkville Avenue within Community District 14. The proposed Community Residence aka Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) for two (2) adult males, who are experiencing mild impairment in their intellectual abilities, will be located in a two (2)-bedroom apartment within a three (3)-story detached brick house. The program will provide housing, meals, recreational activities, supervisory and residential staff on duty 24 hours a day.

7:30 PM – 748 Ocean Parkway, 1st Floor,  between Foster Avenue and Parkville Avenue, Residence Sponsor: Asher Fogel, Chief Operating Officer, Ohel Bais Ezra Community Residence Program.

If you would like to testify at any of these public hearings, you should pre-register for speaking time by calling the District office at 718-859-6357 or you may register to speak on the evening of the hearing on October 2nd. Speakers who register in advance will be given a priority on the speaking schedule.