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From the Chair

Alvin BerkDear Community Resident:

Our District Manager and her staff are experts at helping you deal with City bureaucracy when you have a problem with municipal services or when you just need help in your neighborhood.

They work with me and the other volunteer members of the community board to hold committee meetings and public hearings, which give you and your neighbors a chance to hear in advance about proposals to enlarge houses, build new community facilities, establish group homes for the developmentally disabled, improve commercial areas, and make other land use changes. These hearings are intended to give you all the information you need to formulate a position and publicly express any concerns you may have. We always convey those concerns to the responsible agency.

Even though our official role is advisory, we can and do affect how things turn out — especially when we have your support.

Please take the time to examine our monthly meeting calendar and attend some committee meetings. Our board’s tradition is to treat you as a full participant in committee discussions, with the same rights as board members.

And if you think what we do is interesting enough, call the Borough President’s office and ask for a membership application, and let your City Council member know of your interest.

We look forward to working with you.

Alvin M. Berk