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Public Hearings (4)

DATE: Wednesday, November 1, 2017, 6:30 PM
LOCATION: CB14 District Office, 810 East 16th Street

SPECIAL PERMITS: Applications for Special Permits have been filed with the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA), pursuant to Zoning Resolution of the City of New York §73-622, to enlarge a single or two-family detached or semi-detached residence within the designated R2 district bounded by Avenue I, Nostrand Avenue, Kings Highway, Avenue O and Ocean Avenue in Community Board 14 in the Borough of Brooklyn.

6:30 PM – 1367 East 24th Street, between Avenue M and Avenue N, Block 7660, Lot 17, BSA# 2017-247-BZ – Applicant’s Representative: Lyra J. Altman, 212-452-4284

6:45 PM – 2303 Avenue K a.k.a. 1093 East 23rd Street, between East 23rd Street and East 24th Street, Block 7605, Lot 8, BSA# 2017-266-BZ – Applicant’s Representative: Lyra J. Altman, 212-452-4284

7:00 PM – 975 East 24th Street, between Avenue I and Avenue J, Block 7588, Lot 13, BSA# 2017-273-BZ – Applicant’s Representative: Lyra J. Altman, 212-452-4284

7:15 PM – 1022 East 23rd Street, between Avenue J and Avenue K, Block 7604, Lot 52, BSA# 2017-277-BZ – Applicant’s Representative: Lyra J. Altman, 212-452-4284

* Please note that each public hearing will commence immediately following the previously scheduled hearing if the hearing exceeds its allotted time.*

All materials for public hearings are available for review at the Community Board 14 office.